Foundation Consultation (***FREE Cryptocurrency BONUS***)




The foundation consultation is a 1-on-1 session to where we will customize the layout of your human design session through Qs&As and discussion. We will create a list of questions, topics and themes that are specific to your blueprint, which will be the focus points of your human design reading. Customizing your reading brings clarity and awareness of how to operate better within your reality and helps to maximize the potential of your design. Below are examples of questions asked in the consultation:

1. What are you consciously looking to improve in your life? Are you open to facing your fears, traumas, and dark sides?

2. Are there people in your life that are holding you back from pursuing what is best for you?

3. Are there people you have to consider before making a decision for yourself as an individual?

4. Are you concerned or dependent on what other people have to say about you and the decisions you make for your best and highest good?

5. Are you willing to invest in yourself and be consistent in doing the work for your own self-empowerment?


(A percentage of your purchase will automatically go into a personal cryptocurrency investment for yourself which will help you to learn about cryptocurrency and start creating residual and passive income. This bonus has been included as a gift to the supporters of the Free Your Mind to Shine platform and an incentive to help educate others on the world of cryptocurrency. Details will be given during the consultation. A separate 1-on-1 session will be scheduled for you to set up your cryptocurrency account, wallet and platforms.)


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