*(1/3, 1/4, 4/1 & 5/1 PROFILES) – The Investigator Teacher: Conflicts With Being An Authoritarian, Self-Absorption, Envy, the Need to Be A Self-Provider & Insecurity Without A Solid Foundation

*(2/4, 2/5, 5/2 & 6/2 PROFILES) The Hermit Guru: Conflicts With Being A Natural Genius & Not Knowing How You Know, The Need to Be In A Private Environment, Lack of Discernment, & Depleting Resources

*(1/3, 3/5, 3/6, 4/6, 6/2 & 6/3 PROFILES) – The Martyr Scientist: Conflicts With Being Punished for Endless Mistakes, Anarchy, the Need for Constant Change and Multiple Stimulations, Sexual Diversity & Short-Term Situations

*(1/4, 2/4, 4/6 & 4/1 PROFILES) The Opportunist Prophet: Conflicts With the Wrong Network, Promiscuity with Friends, Diseases & Viruses, Spreading Misleading Information, & Being Stuck In the Wrong Foundations

*(2/5, 3/5, 5/1, & 5/2 PROFILES) The Heretic Messenger: Conflicts With Seducing the Wrong People, Sexual Violations, Shapeshifting Into Impractical Characters, Multiple Pesonality Disorders, The Need to Have Followers, Burning At the Stake & Ruined Reputations

*(3/6, 4/6, 6/2, & 6/3 PROFILES) The Role Model Buddah: Conflicts From 28 Years of Martyr Mistakes, Sexual Violations, 20 Years of Aloofness, Procrastination & Hypocrisy, Infidelity In Relationships, & Health Issues After Age 50

*The Dumbing Down of Your Children: Brainwashing, Rituals, Spells, Under/Over-Stimulation, early expression of sexual energy & Long-term effects on their genetic code

*Raising Your Children & Bringing Out Their Uniqueness: Learning how to communicate with their genetic code, accomodating their physical and environmental needs, creating new, original and innovative ways to entertain and teach them

*Identifying & Releasing Conditioning/Brainwashing From Parents, Family, Friends, Partners & Society

*Your Genetic Makeup for Relationships and Identifying Your Needs To Integrate With Another In Monogamous, Polygamous or Open Relationships

*Identifying and Accepting the Shadow Aspects of Your DNA Code for Balanced Integration

*Utilizing Your DNA Code to Be Your Own Authority

*The Sexual Genetic Codes: Attractions, Desires, Addictions & Abuse

*Identifying Your Type of Job or Independent Business

*Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Foundational Team Building For Independent Businesses

*Love & Hate: The Genetic Code Behind Your Partnership

*Nurturing Their Nature: The Code to Raising Your Genius Child

*The Ego & Solar Plexus Motors: Balancing Extreme Competitiveness & Explosive Emotional Reactions

*Non-Sacral Beings & The Addiction to the Sacral Center (Projectors, Reflectors & Manifestors)

*Generators & Manifesting Generators: The Transition Out of Busy, Frustrated, Angry Slaves into Satisfying, Boundless, Energetic Freedom

*Manifestors: The Transition Out of Restriction & Anger into Peace

*Projectors: The Transition Out of Exhaustion, Over-Stimulation & Bitterness into Rest, Relaxation & Success

*Reflectors: The Transition Out of Disappointment & Illness Into Surprise and Good Environmental Health

*Bitterness & Lack of Confidence of the Projector Male in an Energy-Dominated Patriarchal Society

*Narcissism & Co-Dependency: Identifying Your Position on the Spectrum

*Identifying If You’re Designed to Be Monogamous or Non-Monogamous

*The Spleen & Balancing Intuition, Short Attention Span, & Spontaneous Living

*Genetically Authoritative, Self-Sustaining Women & Difficulties In Patriarchal-Based Work & Relationships

*Open Spleen: Being Stuck In Toxic, Survival-Based Relationships & Having An Inconsistent Immune System

*Open Solar Plexus: The Crazy Empath, Emotional Instability & Amplifying Emotions of Others

*Open Root: Lack of Adrenaline, Starting Power & Ability to Sustain, Over-stress & Impatience


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